Who we are

Termotransfer between technic and fashion

Your partner in leather finishing

Leather and synthetic decoration is a passion for SIB ITALY: Our  assortment of  thermo‚Äčtransfer products is very wide and in line with the latest fashion and market trends. From colour metallic foils with technical performance always improved to satisfy the requests of the most discerning, to paillettes, lacquers, glossy and matte films, drawings of any shape and type (pythons, floral, geometric, etc ...). A collection in continuous renewal of thousands of items in catalogs, which is added the possibility of exclusive developments for each customer, according to his indications from a technical point of view and style. A proposal which are accompanied by a 360 ° service in the development of products and collections, always under technical and stylish profile.
"We work together with our customers until the choice of materials to use them for meeting the request of the fashion market, and then accompany him during the set-point of the product in technical terms, to continue with the organization of the stocks in order to respond promptly to the daily demands of the market.‚Äč"

Headquartered in Asti and Castelfranco di Sotto, our laboratories are available to the customers for developing collection with film transfer and printing plate clichè.
Customers come in with ideas and come out with collections ready to be launched on the market.